Well hello there. Seriously, why are you here?

Well here is an attempt to chronicle the games that I have foolishly agreed to GM.

The Arcana Evolved

Arcana Evolved D20 one day we shall return to that terrible place where a dark force sleeps in the heart of a star. An ancient one's death is the harbringer of doom

7th Sea

7th Sea - By Theus what the hell edition.

7th Sea 2nd edition

7th Sea 2nd ed. Brave new world

Savage Worlds

Cardinal Directions

Star Wars: Saga Edition

Star Wars Saga edition: this is for basic information for the Star Wars Saga edition game. The ECLU will now hear your case


Midnight Will you make the difference?

Shadows of the Demon Lord

Shadows of the Demon Lord In Cog we trust.


Fireborn On bated breath, a wing and a prayer can you unravel the tangled weave of myth and legends to soar and claim your birthright


Genesys FFG's new generic system First test probably a shadowrun type game

Stars W/O Numbers

Stars W/O Numbers Old School RPG, SF Sandbox game.

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